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Marketo Marketing Automation

Marketo offers enterprise-ready marketing platform that enables personalized engagement for your audience across multiple channels like Email, Social, Mobile & Web.

Marketo’s unified Account Based Marketing platform allows you to identify and target accounts with the greatest revenue potential & enables you to measure the success of your efforts in terms of revenue won.

Suitable for large companies & enterprise in any market.

A robust platform that helps you to listen and capture all digital activities, interest, & behavior of your audience. Nurture them effortlessly with Marketo’s powerful marketing automation.

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Marketo Digital Marketing Applications
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Details of Marketo’s Engagement Marketing Platform

Application That Fits Your Business Case

Choose from variety of apps & tools that fits your business goals, budget & needs.

  • Marketing automation
  • Account based marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Social media management
  • Digital ads
  • Web personalization
  • Marketing analytics
  • Predictive content

Marketo Platform Facts & Benefits

Large businesses & enterprises look for robust features to handle complex business logic, and Marketo handels that perfectly with amazing benefits like…

  • Create, automate and measure campaigns across channels
  • Engage customers with relevant conversations in minutes
  • Communicate with customers wherever they are
  • Laser focus with account-based marketing
  • Integrate social to find customers and make them advocates
  • Target the right customers with personalized display ads
  • Prove—and improve—your impact on the business
  • Interact dynamically with customers on your website
  • Give customers content they want automatically

Get Most Out of Your Marketo Investment

  • Initial Audit

    We begin with collecting information about your business, existing systems, processes, market, customer segments & other critical areas.

  • Campaign Planning

    Based on the audit information, we design one or multiple sales & marketing funnels with lead generation & content marketing strategy.

  • Marketo Implementation

    The next step is to convert the business logic & marketing plan into Marketo campaigns, we also connect it with your CRM & other systems.

  • Analyze Performance

    We use the inbuilt ROI reporting features of Marketo & we also utilize other data-points like Google Analytics to review the performance.

  • Improve & Repeat

    Based on this data, we make adjustments in the campaign, do split tests & also add new campaigns as & when needed to improve the ROI.

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