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Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is a revolutionary concept focused on attracting highly qualified leads & prospects for you business using online content & engaging interactions via your website, email & videos.

Let’s help you to create & implement end to end Inbound Marketing strategy using HubSpot or any other software platform that you are already using.

Time to drop interruption marketing, let’s go inbound.

Instead of treating all your prospects & customer alike, Inbound focuses on creating & delivering highly personalize experience

Plan & Create
Right Content
Distribute Through
Right Channel
Broadcast At
Right Time

4 Step Inbound Marketing Methodology For Digital Age


It all starts with attracting the right people to your website or landing pages that aligns with your buyer persona & what you have to offer in first place. Right traffic to your website helps you to drive more sales as can better server your audience with the type of solutions they are looking for.

Assets like Engaging Content, Blogging, SEO & Website Pages are used at this stage.


The next step in the Inbound process is to convert those unknown visitors into leads by getting their primary contact information along with some other important data points. The right information of your prospect is the fundamental for success of your campaigns. The best way to get this information without resistance is by offering extremely useful, relevant & easy to consume information to your visitors. These includes eBooks, whitepapers, cheat sheets, reports or something similar.

Forms, Exit Pop-ups, Call to Actions & Dedicated Landing Pages are used as technical tools for this process.


The leads in your database is someone who is interested in what you are saying or selling but they are not your paid customers yet – and that is the biggest action you want them to take. Content & technology comes at play here. Form here your job is to offer them more content, answer their question & help them solve their issues with your educational material. This process turns a leads into a MQL & SQL and in the end a paying customer.

Marketing automation campaigns, CRM data, One on one emails & Closed-loop reporting helps you to accomplish the same.


Inbound marketing doesn’t stop or end at selling, it continues with providing excellent education & support to your customers beyond the purchase as well. You continue to engage, delight & up-sell your existing customers and turn them into fans & advocates of your brand. They not only spread good word about your services but refer new leads & consumers as well – they become your virtual brand promoters.

Tools you can user here are Surveys, Social monitoring & engagement, Dynamic content & Smart CTAs.

Implement Inbound Marketing For Your Business

0 % of B2B Marketers
Have a documented Inbound Marketing strategy, survey by Content Marketing Institute
0 % of B2B Companies
Rated Inbound Marketing as a top three or a very high priority component of their overall marketing strategy.
0 % Less Cost
Inbound leads cost 61% less on average than outbound leads.
0 % Increase in Volume
Companies that utilize inbound content platforms and offer buyer persona driven content see a 45% increase in the volume of Sales Accepted Leads.

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