Sales Funnel Automation

Sales Funnel

Sales funnel automation (or automated sales funnel) is a multi-step process that helps your leads to move forward in your sales cycle only when they are ready.

Properly nurtured & qualified leads converts far better than unqualified & uninterested leads, this results in higher ROI & more profit for your business.

Time to stop acting like annoying salesman.

A sales funnel solves your prospect’s problems, answers their questions & qualifies them to next stage in the buying process

Never Hard-sell Like Your Competition
Close More Prospects on Autopilot
Sell More Without Same Traffic & List

Various Stages of Automated Sales Funnel


These are visitors who land on your website from different channels but they are not recognized as a registered contact in your marketing database. They come to you website searching for information or solution of their problem. Your primary job is to offer them useful information in exchange of their contact detail – primarily their email address.


Your prospects willingly gave you their email id & permission to send them email messages. Once a prospects comes in your funnel, you deliver them the content you promised (lead magnet) via email. With modern marketing automation technology you can see detailed reports about their engagement with your emails, website & other marketing messages.

Marketing Qualified Leads

The MQLs are your prospects who are still not ready to buy. At this stage you have to do 2 things. #1) get more information about them using progressive profiling #2) send them high quality, useful & actionable information via email, that brings them back to you website & strengthens your relationship with them.

Sales Qualified Leads

A SQL is more than a prospect, someone who has interacted enough with you for few weeks, opened your emails, downloaded your lead magnets, returned on your website, provided more information about themselves etc. A good indicator for SQL is if they visited your price or offering page, replied to your offer email, asked for demo or requested more information. It’s time to pick the phone & have a 1 on 1 conversation.


The opportunities are people most likely to convert as your paid customer. You have probably sent them a quotation, had a sales call or sales meeting, gave them an offline or online demo or they even asked for some discount. You can track number of opportunities, estimated revenue, net profit & many other valuable insights inside your CRM.


Once a prospect buys at least one thing from you, that prospect becomes your customer. It takes way less efforts to upsell & resell an existing customer compared to generating a fresh lead & try to convert it, thus every business should have a dedicated sales & markeitng campaign for existing customers to maximize the life time value and increase profit.

Get Automate Sales Funnel For Your Business

0 % of Buying Cycle
Online buyers go through about 57% of the buying cycle on their own without talking to sales.
0 % Higher Sales
Companies that use advanced lead management solutions see a 9.3% higher sales quota rate.
0 % of People Want
Only 29% of people want to talk to a salesperson to learn more about a product, while 62% will consult a search engine.
0 % of Salespeople Believe
57% of salespeople believe buyers are less dependent on salespeople during the buying process.

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